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Helping everyday entrepreneurs make BIG THINGS happen

Reports show that as much as 50% of all entrepreneurs fail. That means that 50% succeed.

Borderless Creative Group is committed to helping everyday entrepreneurs launch, grow, and succeed. In the bookstore, you'll get resources to help you get your BIG IDEA out of your head and off the ground.

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So, you're thinking about quitting your job?

Read this new book first!

You want to be your own boss. You want to make your own schedule. You want to finally live life on your terms.

BEFORE YOU QUIT, I'm sharing what I wish I knew before I quit my "good job" and what you can do now to prepare for the transition.

Even if you're already taken the leap, these insights will help you avoid the "unspoken pitfalls" that cause most entrepreneurs to fail.

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These titles were created especially for everyday entrepreneurs who want to succeed at building a business from the ground up. Be sure to join the email sign up list to find out when more titles are added.

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Vol. 1 Dear Entrepreneur: Start Where You Are

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Hold Up! Not So Fast


From the Ground Up: How You Can Launch a Business with Little or No Money


Grant Writing Essentials: Make It Hard for Them to Say "No"

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